Downey & Mundy, PLLC is a Civil Rights law firm located in Des Moines, Iowa. With clients from all walks of life and representing diverse races, ages, occupations, levels of income, education, and political views, the unifying theme in their work is a commitment to vindicating the principles of the Bill of Rights, federal anti-discrimination statutes, and to fighting official abuses of government power. Downey & Mundy believe that those who enforce the law should follow the law – and be held accountable when they do not.

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Trokt is a cloud based platform that accurately, effectively, and securely manages complex collaborations. Trokt has donated the use of the Trokt platform so advocates and specialists can securely discuss the issues surrounding any particular child or school, or develop action plans which can be efficiently followed up on using Trokt Tracker.

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Over 3,800,000 students in the United States require special needs services. FairIEP intends to help any parent, regardless of means. Helping this many parents every year requires expert partners and financial resources. If you have the means or ability to help us reverse the injustices currently borne by special needs students, please contact us at to discuss how we can work together to make the world better.

FairIEP is a collaboration intended to end the often arbitrary and illegal practices which delay and deny special needs students access to the services they need to succeed. While most schools are doing their best to balance costs, workload, and student need, schools are not allowed to deny your child services guaranteed under the U.S. Department of Education’s Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). 

FairIEP was formed following a chance conversation between Nate Mundy, a civil rights attorney; Chris Draper, a certified mediator; and Natalie Berkowitz, an educator and child advocate. All three vented frustrations regarding friends, family, and clients struggling with an ineffective and often opaque system which thwarts many special needs parents from gaining access to the services their children need and deserve. With government budgets being slashed and regulators willing to look the other way, Nate and Chris began exploring whether the process Downey&Mundy applied to attack civil forfeiture injustices could - when coupled with the technological advantage Trokt provides by accurately, efficiently, and securely managing a large number of complex collaborations - level the playing field for special needs parents.


Nate, Chris, and Natalie were not alone in concluding the systems supporting special needs students are broken. FairIEP grew out of their vision for a practical solution.


Since parents are often alone, fighting the system on their own for the first time every time, FairIEP is here to help you understand your rights - and then fight to protect them!

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FairIEP is using GoFundMe to raise money that will support the cost of having expert special education advocates review information submitted by parents. Please take a moment to consider helping FairIEP ensure that every student in need can be served.

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